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The process of becoming a fashion designer involves a passion for the industry, time, and research. From street fashion to haute couture, every designer has their own approach to the creative process. However, there are some common steps that every designer should follow when it comes to creating their own wearable creations. If you’re a student or aspiring designer, this overview will help you get started.

  1. Review the Design Brief

When a client asks a designer to create a new collection or a particular fashion project, the designer should first consult with the client to understand their expectations and requirements. This step will allow the designer to come up with a design that fits the brand’s values and budget. Before starting production, the designer should also gather all the necessary information.

  1. Fostering Inspiration

While it’s important to keep in mind that fashion is more than just the clothes that you wear, it’s also important to find inspiration from the way people wear them. For many designers, their inspiration comes from various sources such as art, music, architecture, and fashion trends. They then try to analyze these trends to determine what they should include in their designs.

  1. Initial Sketches

A good sketch is a visual representation of a concept that helps designers visualize their ideas. It can also help them develop a more accurate idea. These sketches can also communicate various technical elements such as the fit, sleeve length, and overall length. Once the idea has been presented to the pattern maker, these sketches will become the blueprint for the production process.

  1. Fine-Tune

One of the most important steps that a designer can take during the process of developing a new collection is to hone in on their design style. For this, they can create a mood board or an inspiration board, which can help them organize their various materials and inspirations. They can also use various resources such as books, magazines, and films to find inspiration.

After completing these steps, it comes time to make the garment a reality. Check back next week to learn the final four steps of fashion design that lead to a completed garment!