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Doaa Dashoush

Business & Entrepreneurship

About Doaa Dashoush

Having begun her career with Chanel where she worked in merchandising and buying, Doaa Dashoush soon found work in Supply Chain operations at Cartier. After finding her niche with Supply Chain Management, Doaa has since held a number of positions in the industry since, working with companies like Swatch, Aerosoles, Verizon. Since then, she returned to Chanel and has been there since 2017. Her work has been invaluable to the companies, and she looks forward to further incorporation of technology into the supply chain field.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from City University of New York and an MBA from Strayer University, Doaa embodies the passion and drive to carve out a career that allows her to share her skill sets with the world. She is also SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT CERTIFIED.

As a successful business woman and mother, Doaa Dashoush is interested in empowering women by example. Believing in the importance of women in leadership, Doaa has worked hard to overcome any obstacles in her way and to help pave the way for women – and people, in general – to accomplish their goals and achieve their goals. “I’m no stranger to a hectic schedule. As a working mother, life is always moving at a mile a minute. But I feel a deep calling to excellence at both my career and on the homefront, and there’s been many blessings in both.”

At Chanel, Doaa Dashoush is responsible for the overarching management and strategic vision across Chanel global supply chain which includes the Watches and Fine Jewelry Supply Chain, Aftersales, Customer Operations, Quality Control, Non-Sellable Finished Goods and Ecommerce supply chain. Her team also drives supply chain excellence through world class data-analytics, process innovation, and employee empowerment to achieve a holistic, collaborative and customer centric supply chain organization that results in improved product life cycle management, working capital optimization, and shareholder value.

Doaa’s success in her supply chain is something she actually credits to her time working as a merchandiser and buyer. There, she learned what it means to be hands on and have accountability – reliant on operational excellence and a leadership that enables one to deliver. She also brings those learnings into her present leadership position where she works hard to create a best-in-class corporate culture, leading by example and helping foster greatness in the people around her.

“The ability to sympathize and lead with strength aren’t two dialectics you have to choose between,” Doaa adds. “In fact, I think strong leadership is built upon the ability to listen to those around you and act accordingly — there’s a difference between strength and ego.”


Doaa is an Experienced Logistics Supply Chain professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Process Improvement, Budgeting, Business Planning, Retail, Wholesale, E-commerce, and Customer Success.

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