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The Joy Awards 2024 illuminated Riyadh with a dazzling display of fashion audacity and cultural fusion. Stars from across the Arab world strutted the lavender carpet in a kaleidoscope of trends, proving that regional style is anything but predictable. So, grab your Arabic coffee and let’s dive into the hottest looks that set the night alight:

1. Red Revolution:

The color red reigned supreme, with Lebanese stars Carmen Bsaibes in ELIE SAAB and Nancy Ajram in Mona Zaki setting hearts ablaze in fiery gowns. It was a bold statement of confidence and passion, reflecting the vibrant energy of the night.

2. Arabian Glamour:

Traditional influences were masterfully woven into contemporary designs. Elie Saab’s intricate beading and flowing silhouettes embraced the region’s rich heritage, while Dorra Zarrouk’s regal red Antoine Kareh gown exuded timeless elegance.

3. Global Fusion:

The lines between East and West blurred as designers embraced global influences. Nadine Nassib Njeim’s golden sequin gown by ZUHAIR MURAD shimmered with Hollywood glam, while Amel Bouchoucha’s structured Rami Al Ali creation offered a modern take on Moroccan kaftans.

4. Men in the Spotlight:

Men stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight with their own sartorial statements. Mohammed Assaf rocked a velvet blazer and patterned pants by DOLCE&GABBANA, while Dhafer L’Abidine oozed elegance in a classic Tom Ford suit.

5. Beyond the Gown:

Jewelry played a starring role, with oversized earrings, statement necklaces, and sparkling bracelets adding an extra dose of glamour. From Mouawad’s dazzling diamonds to Marli’s delicate gold pieces, accessories amplified every look.

Brands to Watch: Keep your eyes on up-and-coming designers like Raya Abirached, whose playful use of color and textures stole the show, and Amina Muaddi, whose statement shoes continue to turn heads on red carpets worldwide.

A Night to Remember: The 2024 Joy Awards were a testament to the dynamism and diversity of the Arab fashion scene. It was a celebration of cultural heritage, bold individuality, and the boundless possibilities of fashion. So, take inspiration from these trends, embrace your own unique style, and remember – the Joy Awards are just a taste of the dazzling world of Arab fashion waiting to be explored.