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No one is born knowing something. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and dedication to learn something, especially when you’re passionate about the subject. Fashion design is no different—though learning to design clothes is obviously an important part of the career, no one just sits down and sketches a design flawlessly. 


There are many factors that fashion designers (aspiring and current) need to be aware of before they start designing clothes, and one of the best ways to learn about them is to open a book. Here are a few books that fashion designers, both aspiring and current, can benefit from reading.


The Fashion Designer Survival Guide

Though this book was published more than a decade ago, the content within it still holds true for aspiring fashion designers. With insights from renowned designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg, and Donna Karan, readers can expect to learn about the many aspects of designing and manufacturing clothes. Additionally, you’ll learn how to create a business plan, find the best materials for your clothes, manage marketing and production, and how to become a successful runway show producer. 


Portfolio Presentation For Fashion Designers

If you’re just getting started in the fashion design industry, the Portfolio Presentation For Fashion Designers is a great guide to getting started. It’ll teach you how to create a stand-out designer portfolio that’ll make you shine above others, tell you how to avoid common beginner’s mistakes, and more. It also has example sketches, drawings, and photographs so that readers can see the best practices for creating a professional portfolio and showcasing their work.


Fashion Sketchbook

If you’re a designer, one of the most obvious aspects of the job is designing your clothes through sketches. Fashion illustration is different from regular illustration, so getting your hands on the Fashion Sketchbook is critical. It offers advice for designers of all skill levels, teaching you how to set and draw poses, body forms, clothing and accessories, and much more. The book comes with examples as well so that you’ll have a visual representation of the best fashion illustration practices.


Writing For the Fashion Business

There’s more to the fashion industry than just creating designs and making them a reality. Writing is just as important to aspiring and current designers as illustration is, and this book is the perfect guide to mastering the written word. It’ll teach you how to blend different writing techniques together that’ll meet the requirements of the fashion industry. Using the advice from this book, you’ll soon be able to write fashion-oriented content for any part of the fashion industry.


Doaa Dashoush is an experienced businesswoman in the fashion industry. She currently serves as the President and CEO of GFASHION, a global luxury brand currently based in New York City. GFASHION prides themselves on their unique approach to the industry. They don’t follow trends set by others. The Luxury brand focuses on innovative design through their work with the top designers on collections that reflect the company’s craftsmanship.